Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OCD Wednesday

I’m a woman with many obsessions. What can I say? When I love something, I love it passionately. Sometimes the obsession lasts a day, sometimes it’s eternal.

Here’s my OCD picks for the week:

-Project Runway! (I can’t pick my fave yet but isn’t Logan a cutie?)

-True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson (Who knew a Canadian hockey player could be so hot?)

-Homemade book thongs

-Diet Coke (or Pepsi)


-My hubby’s scent

-Savior by Rise Against (Very intriguing lyrics!)

-My local library (built brand new, but in serious need of sizzling romance!!)

And last but not least, my favorite hero, ahum, from Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli):

So, what is your obsession?


Paris said...

A while ago I discovered a shop that sells dark chocolate spiced with chili pepper. It's a good thing it's so far away or I'd eat it all the time! With a cup of coffee;-)

The TV show Castle.

Twice daily walks.

And getting my current WIP finished!

I'm a very simple person, really;-)

Helen Hardt said...

I've had chocolate like that -- it's wonderful!

Lia Slater said...

Hi Paris and Helen! I haven't had that sort chocolate. Probably a good thing since I don't need another sweet addiction. :-) Sounds too delicious!